HumanKind is a collection of interview-based perspectives preserved in multimodal narrative forms. 


A creative nonfiction profile is a sketch of a person that gives a sense of the their life experience and worldview. The profiles in HumanKind are called perspectives, they are about 1,500 words long, they are written in the first person point-of-view, and they capture the interviewee’s subjective experience and unique viewpoint through an extensive interview of over 100 questions about what it’s like to be them. Examples of interview questions include: What do you want most out of life? What social groups do you identify with? Why is life worth living?

Each interview is transcribed, and each perspective is written based from the interview transcript. The interviewee’s answers are analyzed for major themes, edited, and organized to most accurately represent their point-of-view in narrative form.


Also included with the perspectives are pictures of the interviewee and anything else the interviewee would like to share with the rest of humankind. Quotes and pictures are posted to the HumanKind social media handles for sharing.

Every interviewee has the opportunity to work with our videographer to have a short film created about them, posted to the HumanKind YouTube channel. Examples of footage captured include the interviewee’s environment or passions.

The more perspectives collected, the more likely we are to achieve our goals of increasing empathy and understanding among individuals and expanding humankind’s viewpoint of the big picture so we can make better, more inclusive decisions as a society. Maybe then we will realize humankind isn’t all that different after all, and at the same time, we will learn to celebrate and respect our differences. Maybe then we will catch a glimpse of what has been binding us together all along:

Our humanity.

Welcome to HumanKind.